Merry Christmas and a happy and peaceful New Year 2023!

Dear customers and business partners,

After two years shaped by Corona, which demanded a lot from everyone, we were looking forward to the end of the pandemic at the beginning of 2022.

Unfortunately, things got worse when Russia invaded Ukraine, which put us collectively back into a state of emergency and there is still no end in sight to this nightmare.

Despite all these new problems, we sincerely thank you for the good and trusting cooperation this year!

We wish you and your friends, family members, employees and colleagues a Merry Christmas and a good start into a hopefully peaceful, healthy and successful New Year 2023!

As in previous years, we do not want to give away any material things this year, but rather actively do something for climate protection in the interests of our little blue planet by promoting global climate protection projects together again.

For 2022 we have therefore decided on the “CECIC Zhangbei Gaojialang Wind Farm Project” in China and “Landfill Gas Electricity Generation” in Turkey. We support the expansion of renewable energies in the Far East and the avoidance of climate-damaging landfill gas and the generation of renewable energies in Turkey for all of us.

As a result, we and you, too, improve the quality of life of the local people considerably and contribute to significantly reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

We hope to work in the new year 2023 with you to actively promote climate protection and effectively reduce greenhouse gas emissions through market-based instruments.

Your Advantag Team