Certified Emission Allowances (CER)

The Kyoto-Protocol con­tains two mech­a­nisms: Joint Imple­men­ta­tions (JI) and the Clean Devel­op­ment Mech­a­nism (CDM). Joint Imple­men­ta­tions are installed in indus­trial coun­tries to finance addi­tional Green­house Gas reduc­tion projects, whereas the Clean Devel­op­ment Mech­a­nism is the mech­a­nism for devel­oping countries.

Compliance trading in the EU allows the use of CERs from CDM-projects for indi­vid­ual per­cen­tages of the com­pli­ance vol­ume. This amount var­ies from coun­try to coun­try, is dif­fer­ent between indus­tries and is dependent on other criteria.

Our trading advisors are available to answer any questions regard­ing the usage of CERs.