Certified Emission Allowances (CER)

As part of the Clean Development Mechanism, the basis of which is anchored in the Kyoto Protocol, projects in developing countries that demonstrably reduce greenhouse gas emissions receive a certificate for every ton of CO2 equivalent saved. These CERs (Certified Emission Reductions) can now be sold on the market by the operators of these projects in order to contribute to the financing of the projects.

In the mandatory emissions trading in Germany, the significantly lower-priced CERs according to the ZuG Allocation Act could amount to up to 22% of the emission permits allocated for the second trading period (2008-2012) and were thus given proportionally to meet the obligation.

In the III. This was also possible in the trading period (2013-2020) if the quota had not yet been exhausted. For new systems from 2013 onwards, they generally had 4.5% of their emission rights to be surrendered in CERs by the end of III. Were allowed to submit trading period.

Since the beginning of the fourth trading period on January 1st, 2021, CERs can no longer be used within the framework of the EU ETS, but some CERs can be used within the framework of the global aviation emissions trading system CORSIA.

In addition, CERs can be used to voluntarily offset greenhouse gas emissions.

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