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Climate protection is important to us, which is why we have been supporting companies in the various mechanisms of the mandatory and voluntary markets for CO2 emission certificates for more than a decade.

With our experience of trading around 60 million emissions certificates in voluntary and mandatory emissions trading, we have been meeting the needs of our customers since 2009.

And the fact that climate protection works through market-oriented mechanisms is shown, for example, by the year 2019 (before Corona) – due to the significantly increased prices for European greenhouse gas emission rights, more energy production from lignite was replaced by gas-fired power plants and renewable energies, which is why more than 50 million tons in Germany alone CO2 could be saved.

This proves that market-oriented mechanisms, such as the “Cap-And-Trade-Mechanism” of the EU ETS (European Emissions Trading System), have the necessary steering effect towards a decarbonized society.

As an intermediary with many years of expertise in this area, we look forward to supporting you in complying with all compliance obligations and in the procurement or sale of CO2 certificates.