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Company: IGP Advan­tag AG
Address Glock­en­gasse 5
ZIP, City, Country 47608 Geldern (Deutschland)
Tele­phone: +49(0)2831.1348220
Facsimile: +49(0)2831.1348221
Officers: Stefan Graef, Raik Oliver Heinzelmann
Supervisory Board: Jennifer Graef, Petra Wierzchowski, Frierdrich Orth, Burkhard Dregger
Commercial Registry: Kleve, HRB 10452
Tax number: 113/5701/1660
VAT-ID: DE266527263
Account European Union Registry: DE-100–5022399-0–75  (Trad­ing Advantag Services GmbH)
HKNR-Account (GoO): 38XADV2112
VCS – Reg­istry (APX): 098A4597
Markit Advan­tag


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