Emissions Trading / Carbon Market News (2018-09-24)

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Moors are considered to be important carbon sinks that contain 550 gigatons of CO2 worldwide, which is equivalent to 75% of the greenhouse gas in the atmosphere. Globally, drainage of bogs causes an annual CO2 emission of approximately 1,630 million tons, which is twice the amount of global air traffic.

In Germany, there are about 1.5 million ha of bog, of which now almost 1,000 ha were shot in the German Emsland by an exercise of the Bundeswehr on fire. Due to the fact that the smoldering fire has not been controlled for more than two weeks, the county had to declare a disaster. So far, according to estimates by the NABU Nature Conservation Union, 500,000 tons of CO2 have already been released and more are being produced each day.

Some German politicians and business leaders may often feel superior to the people of Africa and South America when they cut down and burned their forests. With a view to the Emsland and the Hambacher Forst woodland, it is advisable to reconsider this point of view in a self-critical way and to begin to act as a role model, which also applies to the observance of self-imposed goals of climate protection.

After carbon prices went down more than 14% in the week after the weekly crash, prices rose just over 11% last week and closed just above the € 22 mark after the auction of 4.36 million EUA from German stocks had failed. This was already the second failed auction last week due to the turbulent market.

Even in this trading week, volatile prices can not be ruled out. A further, moderate recovery would definitely be better suited to reducing the nervousness of the market than a further double-digit percentage increase.


(Average Quotes Exchange / OTC)      
Instrument 2018-09-14 2018-09-21 Change
EUA (Spotmarket) 19.94 EUR 22.08 EUR +2.14 EUR
EUA (December-2018-Future) 19.97 EUR 22.13 EUR +2.16 EUR
CER (Spotmarket) 0.29 EUR 0.29 EUR +0.00 EUR
ICE Brent Crude Oil (Benchmark Future) 78.08 USD 78.78 USD +0.70 USD
EURO (Currency, Forex) 1.1627 USD 1.1748 USD +0.0121 USD

(The average exchange quotes and OTC-prices shows the average between bids and ask of several exchanges and OTC markets for carbon emission rights in the ETS. Bid and ask has usually in Spot Market a visible spread. CER CP1 and ERU are eligible in ETS until end of March 2015 and must be swapped into EUA. Crude Oil and Euro Currency shows day-end-exchange quotes. This market information has just an informational character and are no advice or offer to trade carbon emission rights or their futures and options. If you want to unsubscribe, please reply to this mail.)

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