Emissions Trading / Carbon Market News (2018-01-08)

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The year 2017 is one of the three hottest, ever recorded years on global sight. The Copernicus Climate Change Services (C3S) of the European Centre of mid-term weather-forecast (EZMW) declared the pas year to the second warmest since the beginning of the records. The global temperature is now already 1.2°C above the pre-industrial level.

At the US-American east coast, the winter is currently so hard, as one could see it many years ago, the snowfall goes as far as Florida. Climate change denier, like US-President Donald Trump, see this as an evidence, that there is no climate change. But the total opposite is the case. Because of double speed of warming in the arctic region as in the warm and temperate zones, the temperature difference between Arctic and Equator is getting lower. That leads inevitably to a reduction of the speed of the Jetstream, what makes the barrier more pervious for the very cold arctic air masses to the North of Europe, Asia or North America.

That climate change is also visible on financial sight, is shown by the newest numbers of the insurance business: natural disasters as hurricanes and floodings caused 2017 a global record amount of 135 billion US-Dollar for the insurance companies.

In the first trading week of the new year, the European carbon emission allowances became weaker and closed 25 Cent below the eight-Euro-level.


(Average Quotes Exchange / OTC)
Instrument 2018-01-05 2017-12-29 Change
EUA (Spotmarket) 7.75 EUR 8.14 EUR -0.39 EUR
EUA (December-2018-Future) 7.78 EUR 8.16 EUR -0.38 EUR
CER (Spotmarket) 0.17 EUR 0.17 EUR +0.00 EUR
ICE Brent Crude Oil (Benchmark Future) 67.76 USD 66.62 USD +1.14 USD
EURO (Currency, Forex) 1.2029 USD 1.1997 USD +0.0032 USD

(The average exchange quotes and OTC-prices shows the average between bids and ask of several exchanges and OTC markets for carbon emission rights in the ETS. Bid and ask has usually in Spot Market a visible spread. CER CP1 and ERU are eligible in ETS until end of March 2015 and must be swapped into EUA. Crude Oil and Euro Currency shows day-end-exchange quotes. This market information has just an informational character and are no advice or offer to trade carbon emission rights or their futures and options. If you want to unsubscribe, please reply to this mail.)

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