Advisory Board

Chair­man of the Board is Juer­gen Becker, born in 1957, is Chair­man of the Board. A lawyer by profession, he is a part­ner at the Dus­sel­dorf based chancery, Goez & Becker, and specialises in cap­i­tal mar­ket law. He has significant experience on the advisory board of a banking institute and commodity trading company.


2nd Chair­man of the Board Alter­nate Chair­man of the Board is Dr. Rolf Bre­it­en­stein. Born in 1973, Dr. Bre­it­en­stein has stud­ied at University Wit­ten, Ger­many and got his title in Busi­ness Social Science. After many years in multinational con­sult­ing com­pa­nies, he is the owner and man­ager of a Dus­sel­dorf-based Real Estate company.


Mem­ber of the Board is Sascha Esser, Dusseldorf. Mr. Esser is in the Board since 2015. He is working as an CFO of the Pharma Company Dr. Fooke – Achterrath Laboratorien GmbH in Neuss, Germany.