Guarantee of Origin (GoO)

The guarantee of origin (German: HKN) is an electronic document that certifies the origin of electricity in Germany. It certifies how and where electricity was produced from renewable energies. At the same time, this document ensures that this quality can only be sold once. The guarantee of origin therefore helps producers of electricity from renewable energies. You can have certificates of origin issued by the Federal Environment Agency for the amount of electricity you produce and feed into the grid, provided that the electricity is not already remunerated via the Renewable Energy Sources Act (EEG).

The electricity label on the electricity bill shows how much of the electricity used comes from renewable energy sources. There are basically two types of renewable electricity: electricity that all electricity customers finance through the EEG surcharge, and electricity that is produced without this subsidy. The former is shown on the electricity bill with a corresponding reference to the EEG. This happens regardless of the electricity tariff. Electricity that is not financed through the EEG surcharge but also comes from renewable energy sources is shown separately. For this electricity, the supplier must present and have validated proof of origin in the appropriate quantity at the Federal Environment Agency.

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